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Student feedback on how the Dynamic Business Startup Program (DBSP) has impacted their lives:

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Thabani Ntuli from South Africa

“I have gained much confidence and belief in myself that I can succeed in business. I now hold a key to escape poverty and have made good, solid business plans with which to better my life.”

Isidore Glokpor from Niger

“From this training I am able to detect opportunities, create my business, manage it and manage the customers. I know how to keep books and differentiate my business money from my own money. Now through this training, I am a complete man in business.”

George Htun from Myanmar

“Everybody has their own idea for future dreams, but these dreams do not come true. This DBSP training led us on a journey to make our own dreams a reality in a practical way. I was really inspired by all the lessons and teachings, all the research and the simplicity of being shown how to start a business even though you have a little amount of money.”  

Samson Mwikwabe Rimo from Kenya

“This program has helped me to employ myself. I have learnt new strategies and ways of running my business. I now have new skills, guidance, and knowledge. I now know and understand where I went wrong in my business that failed in the past.”

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Yunusa  Jonas from Niger

“DBSP is where the rubber meets the road. I have studied business administration and management at University, where I gained all the theory that had no practice. DBSP has helped me to become more self-confident and a better risk taker. I now have the practical knowledge to start up a business.”

Antoine Zayoun from Lebanon

“First of all this training helped me to change the way I see everything around me.  I learned how to seek actively for ideas, no matter how much money I have in my pocket.   I learnt that money isn’t the secret to a successful business, but managing your money properly is.  I learned that in order to be successful in business you have to do good quality research. Before coming to this training I felt clueless about anything that had to do with business, but now I can’t wait to start a business and run it well, using everything I have learned in this course.”

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Nada Phoofolo from South Africa

“I took special leave in order to attend the DBSP training. The program was so valuable to me and has taught me a lot and has equipped me with skills to help me start my own business. I am going to resign my job to pursue my own business and will be starting with my pension pay out. The training and its practical research and moneymaking activity gave me the confidence I was lacking. Now I know I am making the right decision”

Prakash  Shrestha from Nepal

“It was with a great amount of interest that I took part in this training, because it is in this field where I have knowledge, due to my university training.  I was amazed by the unique and simple way DBSP has to transfer the maximum knowledge on business.  I learnt more during the training program, because it is practical. Your program is excellent. I now feel I can begin a business.”

Rabiou Hamidou from Niger

“After taking this course, I have been able to go back and understand why my previous business ventures have failed.”

Shirley Nascimento Souza from Nepal

“For me the DBSP was a really great experience of receiving teaching in a creative way, involving everybody present in the class. We could learn not just from the teaching but also from the comments, ideas, and suggestions of others in the class.”

Rose Nelson from Niger

“This training has really been a great help to me, because I was doing business before, but I spent a lot of money without calculating it or keeping a cash book. I have learned how save money, the dangers of selling on credit and how to control my cash flow. I do not need to go for more training to get more ideas to be able to beat my competition. From the training, I now value myself more and have built up my confidence.”

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